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For 60 years, we have stood for customer satisfaction, high quality and satisfied employees. 

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Regardless of whether you need a standard or complex special solution, we will do our best to make your logistics safe and your production efficient.

For 60 years, we have stood for customer satisfaction, high quality and satisfied employees.

Our founder Horst Schneider said back in 1963: "What is to be good in the long term must be a matter of the heart." - and we still see it that way today. Our employees work hard every day to ensure that your products keep moving safely.

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Company development and
history at a glance

Would you like to find out more about the development of our company? Here you can gain valuable insights into our 60-year history!


On May 15, Horst and Maria Schneider open their own welding shop in Oberdieten, which initially only carries out contract work for regional companies. They mainly produce grave crosses, holy water stoups and furniture parts.


A new workshop building is erected on the current company premises in order to cope with the increasing number of orders. The first permanent employee is hired in the same year.


The Volkswagen plant is the first customer to order large series of lattice boxes directly from Schneider.


The factory hall is extended for the first time.

First Schneider products
Founder Horst Schneider


Linde AG commissions the development and production of special load carriers for the first time. A neighboring building is purchased specifically for this purpose, where the special load carrier department will be housed in the future.


In future, Deutsche Bahn will have the Eurogitterbox produced throughout Europe and will be temporarily lost as a customer. However, Schneider is now supplying mesh boxes to customers in France, Belgium and even the GDR.


Schneider employs the first Polish contract workers in Oberdieten for the final assembly of the individual components manufactured in Poland.


Horst Schneider founds the company TABOREX in Poznan together with a Polish partner before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Lattice box from the 1970s
Company premises in the 1980s


Schneider takes over the toolmaking site of Weimar Werke in order to set up a branch plant for mesh box production in eastern Germany.


The sons of the Schneider family take over the company and divide the individual divisions among themselves. Rolf Schneider takes over agriculture in 1995, Jörg Schneider takes over the Weimar operation and Kai Uwe Schneider manages the pallet cage production from 1996.


After the generation change, Schneider finds its way back on the road to success. A new major customer, Volvo, is acquired and rental box sales begin in the same year.


Opening of a sales office in France


The neighboring site of the decommissioned sawmill is taken over and renovated and converted by 2008. This creates the conditions for further growth.

Site of the Weimer plant
Kai Uwe Schneider in the 90s


The financial crisis also affects Schneider transport and storage containers. Within a very short space of time, almost all orders collapse. It is not until the end of 2009 that the order situation recovers noticeably.


The administration is fundamentally modernized with the help of a second managing director, automotive sales is professionalized and modern project management is introduced. Kai Uwe Schneider founds Schneider Pojemniki Transportowe Sp. z o.o. Sp.K. in Poland, which henceforth takes over the entire special load carrier division.


The restructuring measures in the administration have been completed and Schneider has been transformed into
GmbH & Co. KG.

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Special load carriers from the 90s
Company premises after the 2008 expansion
Schneider plant Poland