Special charge carriers for energy storage

Our customized special load carriers around the cell modules of a battery guarantee you clean and process-safe transport of housing covers, shells and trays as well as complete HV batteries

Special charge carriers
for batteries

Battery racks play a crucial role in the logistics of the automotive industry as they enable the safe storage and transportation of batteries. These racks are specially designed to protect the sensitive battery components from physical damage and environmental influences, which is particularly important as damage can impair the functionality and safety of the batteries.

In addition, battery racks enable efficient handling and integration into production processes. They help to simplify the assembly and maintenance of batteries, which speeds up production processes and reduces costs while maintaining high safety standards.

Special charge carrier for HV batteries

Special load carriers
as battery container

Battery containers are an essential part of logistics in the automotive industry, especially when handling batteries for electric cars. These specially designed containers enable safe storage and transportation of the sensitive batteries, which are one of the key components in the production of electric vehicles.

Thanks to their robust design, they protect the batteries from external influences and mechanical damage. The integration of battery containers into production processes helps to increase efficiency, as they ensure smooth and safe handling of the batteries from the manufacturing plant or factory to the assembly line.

Special charge carrier for
battery holder

Battery holders are absolutely critical and elementary components in the automotive industry, especially in the construction of electric cars, which require special protection during storage, transportation and production processes. These carriers serve as the fundamental framework for the battery modules, which are the vehicle's main source of energy. 

Due to their essential role and the fact that batteries can contain chemically reactive and flammable materials, the battery trays must also be protected against physical damage and shocks. Protecting these components not only ensures safety during vehicle operation, but also prevents production downtime and potentially hazardous situations that could arise due to improper handling.

Already realized
Special load carrier projects

Discover some of the special charge carrier projects realized by Schneider for energy storage systems, battery containers, battery racks, modules and carriers.

Special load carriers, customized solutions

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