Rent pallet cages:
Ideal for reacting flexibly

Preserve liquidity

The rental options protect your liquidity and cash flow.

High availability ex works

Thanks to our large stock, we can deliver the rental mesh boxes to you at lightning speed.

Flexible terms

Respond flexibly to your needs - with terms from 6 months

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Would you like to cover a short-term requirement and accept our pallet cage hire or hire-purchase offer? Then make a free, non-binding enquiry now about your pallet cage rental with a flexible term.

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First select the ideal rental method for you:

Rent explained: With the rental method, you pay a monthly usage fee. You do not make a large investment and thus save costs immediately. Ideal for covering short-term storage requirements. The minimum rental period is 6 months.

Hire-purchase explained: If you choose the hire-purchase method, you become the direct owner of the pallet cages. You pay off the purchase price in monthly installments and thus protect your liquidity.

Rent or installment plan - choose your rental method!

How the pallet cage rental works

Make a request

Enquire about the pallet cages you want to hire using our uncomplicated inquiry form.

Offer phase

We will send you an up-to-date and fair offer, which you can check at your leisure.

Collection or delivery

You can have the pallet cages collected from us or we can deliver them to you.

Your relaxed rental period

You can use the pallet cages carefree for the desired rental period and can react flexibly at any time.

Rent or installment plan?
The ideal rental method for you!

Act economically and sustainably by renting EPAL pallet cages. Benefit from a high degree of flexibility and simply choose the term that suits you best - or use our uncomplicated installment plan. This way you can maximize your liquidity.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? If you don't want to be bound by unnecessarily long contract clauses, we offer you the freedom you want. By renting EPAL pallet cages, you are ideally equipped for temporary or minor requirements. You rent your pallet cages for a term of your choice and remain absolutely flexible thanks to short notice periods. Can you already foresee that you will need at least 50 pallet cages in the long term, but don't want to allow for any financial contingencies? Then installment plan is perfect for you. You pay for the pallet cages gradually over the chosen term and at the end of the rental period, the pallet cages become your property.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about buying a pallet cage

Do you have questions about renting your pallet cages from Schneider Logistics? We will be happy to answer your questions personally on the phone or by e-mail. You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ.

How much does it cost to hire pallet cages?

You can expect to pay between €0.10 and €0.30 per unit and calendar day when renting pallet cages. However, the rental costs vary depending on the rental period.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period for our pallet cages is 6 months. However, you can also arrange the term according to your needs and choose longer terms.

How many pallet cages are the minimum rental quantity?

A minimum rental quantity of 50 pallet cages applies to the rental of pallet cages. Large quantities can be requested individually.