SchneiderBox - Folding mesh box set up in just five seconds

The SchneiderBox is characterized by the fact that it is extremely space-saving and quick to set up. Compare the assembly time with other common solutions.

What makes the SchneiderBox a pallet cage alternative - advantages

The SchneiderBox impresses with its cleverly thought-out concept, which makes it an attractive alternative to the EPAL grid box with comparable dimensions. The return of the SchneiderBox is many times more efficient. Thanks to the folding mechanism and the resulting compression of the loading space, you save CO² and often also freight costs of up to 75%. Discover the advantages of the SchneiderBox:

Freight cost reduction of up to 75

The empty boxes can be folded and stacked 12 high in the loading space. With 384 SchneiderBoxes you save three out of four transport trips compared to 96 EPAL pallet cages.

Storage space savings of up to 75

The SchneiderBox saves up to 75% storage space thanks to its extraordinary stackability. Thanks to intelligent interlocking, 24 boxes can be stacked when folded together.

Sustainable CO² reduction

Thanks to its long shelf life and excellent empties reduction, the SchneiderBox is a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for your logistics.

Integration into automated processes

The feet of the SchneiderBox are equipped with mounting options for using the boxes on an automated system for loading and unloading.

Quick and easy handling

The SchneiderBox can be set up in just a few moments and the operation of the folding function is similar to existing solutions.

Durability thanks to the clever design

As an EPAL-licensed company, we have avoided 85 percent of the repair causes that occur with EPAL pallet cages when designing the SchneiderBox.

Comparison of technical properties

The technical properties of the SchneiderBox are similar to those of the EPAL mesh box. However, it offers significantly greater flexibility and great savings potential in storage and shipping. Discover the technical data in a direct comparison with standard mesh and collapsible boxes.

SchneiderBoxEPAL grid boxCommon hinged boxPlastic folding box
Dead weight65 kg70 kg90 kg45 kg
Load capacity1500 kg1500 kg1000 kg500 kg
Load6000 kg6000 kg3000 kg1250 kg
Stacking factor storage / loaded1+51+51+51+2
Stacking factor storage / unloaded24-fold6-fold18-fold26-fold
Utilization truck unloaded384 pcs.96 pcs.265 pcs.416 pcs.
Load truck capacity utilization96 pcs.96 pcs.96 pcs.96 pcs.
Assembly time5 seconds-15 seconds8 seconds
OperationOne-sided from the frontOne-sided from the frontConstruction required from all sidesOne-sided from the front
Prepared for loading and unloading by robotsYes, mounting holes in the feetNoNoNo
RepairabilityEasy to repairEasy to repairEasy to repairConditionally repairable
External dimensions (L x W x H)1240 x 835 x 970 mm1240 x 835 x 970 mm1240 x 835 x 970 mm1230 x 830 x 980 mm
Internal dimensions (L x W x H)1205 x 798 x 818 mm1210 x 800 x 800 mm1180 x 759 x 810 mm1195 x 798 x 780 mm