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Mesh boxes are indispensable helpers in logistics thanks to their robust design and versatility. They are ideal for storing and transporting a wide range of goods, from small individual parts to heavy industrial components. Thanks to their standardized dimensions and high load capacity, they offer an efficient solution for companies of any size and in any industry.

Whether brand new or used, pallet cages ensure safety, flexibility and cost efficiency in your logistics process. In our store you can buy a wide selection of high-quality pallet cages directly from Europe's largest pallet cage manufacturer.

What are pallet cages?

When we talk about a pallet cage, we think first and foremost of the Euro pallet cage, which is in circulation by the millions as a standardized load carrier. However, there are many other pallet cage designs that are as individual as the requirements placed on them.

Definition and use

Mesh boxes are sturdy containers made of steel that are mainly used for the storage and transportation of goods. Thanks to their mesh construction, they are extremely robust and at the same time allow good visibility of the contents. These load carriers are particularly popular in industry and logistics, as they provide secure support for both heavy and bulky goods.

Materials and designs

Mesh boxes are usually made of high-quality steel, which gives them a long service life and high load-bearing capacity. Some models also have wooden or metal bases to further increase stability. There are different types of pallet cages:

  • Rigid pallet cages: These rigid containers are particularly robust and designed for long-term use.
  • Foldable pallet cages: These models can be folded up to save space when not in use, making it easier to return and store empty boxes.
  • Special mesh boxes: These special designs are manufactured according to individual requirements and can be adapted to special logistics systems.

Mesh boxes are often standardized, such as Euro mesh boxes in accordance with DIN 15155/8 and UIC 435-3, which makes them interchangeable and easier to use in standardized logistics processes. Whether in the automotive industry, in retail or in the construction industry - pallet cages are versatile and make a significant contribution to optimizing storage and transport processes.

Features and advantages of our pallet cages

  • Robust and durable: Made from high-quality steel and wood, our pallet cages offer extremely high load-bearing capacity and a long service life.
  • Flexibility through accessories: With various accessories, you can customize our pallet cages to your specific requirements.
  • Safe storage and transportation: Our pallet cages ensure the safe storage and smooth transportation of your goods.
  • Easy handling: Thanks to their compatibility with industrial trucks, the pallet cages are easy to move and store.

Buying pallet cages - Everything you need to know about buying a pallet cage

There are a few things to consider when buying pallet cages. What is the nature of the goods, do you want to exchange the containers, are they mainly used as storage boxes or for transportation? Many questions to which you should find the right answer in order to buy the ideal pallet cage.

Costs for pallet cages

The cost of pallet cages varies depending on size, material, quality and condition (new or used). New Euro pallet cages cost around EUR 125 net per unit, depending on the quantity ordered. Used pallet cages are a cheaper alternative, around 10-30% cheaper than new boxes. The price saving on used boxes can be up to 30%, especially for special designs. For large quantities, we are happy to prepare individual quotations tailored to your specific requirements and quantities.

Used vs. new pallet cages

Used pallet cages offer a cost-effective alternative to new products and in many cases are just as functional and durable. Especially in open pool systems, such as the EPAL exchange system, used Euro mesh boxes are in high demand due to their standardized quality. These boxes are robust and suitable for frequent use, while at the same time helping to save costs and conserve resources.

Purchase vs. pallet cage rental

In addition to purchasing, we also offer the option of renting pallet cages. This is a capital-saving alternative that is particularly attractive for temporary use or projects with short-term requirements. Our rental service offers you flexibility and helps to optimize your operating costs without having to make the full investment in new boxes.

Delivery and ordering options

You can conveniently request our pallet cages for purchase via our web store or by contacting our sales team directly. We deliver throughout Europe and ensure that your order arrives quickly and reliably. For bulk orders or special requirements, we offer tailor-made solutions and individual advice to ensure that you receive the right pallet cages for your needs.

Why you should buy from us

Our pallet cages are characterized by high quality and durability. As Europe's largest manufacturer of Euro pallet cages, we offer a wide range of standard and special solutions. With our comprehensive range of accessories, you can customize and optimize your pallet cages. You also benefit from our Europe-wide delivery capability and the reliable exchange system for Euro pallet cages, which makes your logistics processes more efficient and cost-effective.

FAQs about pallet cages

We offer a wide range of pallet cages in various sizes and designs. The most common size is the standard European pallet cage with dimensions of 1240 mm length, 835 mm width and 970 mm height. In addition, half-height pallet cages, foldable pallet cages and special pallet cages are also available. For detailed information on the available sizes and designs, please visit our product page.

Yes, our Euro mesh boxes are manufactured in accordance with EPAL guidelines and are therefore ideal for international shipping and exchange.

Yes, in addition to brand-new pallet cages, we also offer tested, used pallet cages, which are a cost-effective alternative. 

For bulk orders, please contact our sales team who will provide you with a customized quote.

The number of pallet cages that fit on a truck depends on the exact dimensions of the boxes and the loading capacity of the truck. Here are some guidelines:

  • 16 pieces - Plane-Sprinter
  • 28 units - 7.5-tonner
  • 32 pieces - 12-tonner
  • 64 units - Tautliner (semi-trailer, interior height 2.6 m)
  • 96 units - Megatrailer (semi-trailer, interior height 3 m)
  • 108 units - Jumbo (trailer train, interior height 3 m)

The maximum number of pallet cages that can be safely stacked on top of each other depends on several factors, including the technical data of the load carrier, the stability of the stacking area and compliance with safety regulations. In general, standard pallet cages can be stacked up to five high. Follow the manufacturer's specific instructions and the relevant safety regulations, such as DGUV Rule 108-007 in Germany.

Our pallet cages are characterized by high quality and durability. We offer both new and used pallet cages at competitive prices and have a comprehensive range of standard and special solutions. With our Europe-wide delivery and exchange system and our wide range of accessories, we can meet your specific logistics requirements in the best possible way. Our experienced sales team is at your disposal for personal advice and individual offers.