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With our experience as an EPAL-licensed company, we can repair your pallet cages and convert your load carriers. Enquire about your repair or conversion projects now.

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Repair or repair exchange -
Which repair method makes sense for your pallet cages

Defective pallet cages can be repaired in many cases. If several pallet cages fail because they are defective, this often results in deficits for the efficient and space-saving storage of your products. Our repair exchange prevents these failures. We collect your repairable pallet cages and deliver a direct replacement at the same time. This ensures smooth logistics and supports the seamless operation of your company.

Which pallet cage damage can be repaired and which cannot?

With a few exceptions, we can repair most damage to your pallet cages. To give you an idea of what can and cannot be repaired, we have put together a picture gallery. If pallet cages show a large amount of damage and severe deformation of the corner angles, base and top frame, which means irreversible interference with the container statics, these cannot be repaired in accordance with EPAL guidelines.

Why a repair or even a conversion makes sense

Despite intensive use, pallet cages have a long life expectancy. At the same time, they are not indestructible. This is where sustainability and environmental awareness come into play for us: because it doesn't have to be a new pallet cage. We give your EPAL pallet cages a new, high-quality and long-lasting life with our professional repair measures, based on our expertise from over 1 million repaired pallet cages.

This expertise also flows into the conversion of containers. The conversion is particularly worthwhile because it is particularly sustainable and resource-saving and also saves money compared to a new purchase.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about pallet cage repair

Do you have questions about the repair of your pallet cages at Schneider Logistics? We will be happy to answer your questions personally on the phone or by e-mail. You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ.

How much does it cost to repair a pallet cage?

The cost of a repair depends entirely on the damage and the defects of the pallet cage(s) to be repaired.

From what quantities is it worth repairing a pallet cage?

The most favorable ratio between costs and benefits is achieved with a complete truckload, which corresponds to 108 to 114 pallet cages. However, there are no minimum quantities.

How does a repair exchange work?

Your repairable pallet cages are collected from your location. During this collection, we deliver repaired pallet cages that are ready for immediate use.