Special load carriers for powertrain

With our special load carriers for gearboxes, axles and engines, you are always in a position to safely transport your goods through the entire logistics chain in a fully automated process.

Special load carriers
for motors

Engine mounts used in the automotive industry require special protection during storage, transportation and production processes as they are essential structural components of a vehicle. They not only support the engine and other important vehicle parts, but are also crucial for the stability and safety of the entire vehicle.

Damage to the engine mount can have serious consequences, such as impaired vehicle performance and increased safety risks. In addition, repairs can be expensive and time-consuming, affecting the efficiency of production processes and increasing manufacturing costs. Therefore, effective protection of these components during all phases of their handling is essential to ensure their quality and functionality.

Powertrain reservoir
Special load carrier rear axle

Special load carriers
for axles

Special load carriers for the manufacturing process of various powertrain components play a crucial role in automotive industry logistics as they are specifically designed to protect sensitive powertrain components during storage and transportation. These types of racks ensure the safe handling of axles, gearboxes and other critical components that are manufactured with high precision and can be sensitive to impact.

Thanks to their robust design, they minimize the risk of damage caused by vibrations, shocks or environmental influences, which ensures the quality and functionality of the components. This also improves the efficiency of supply chains and helps automotive manufacturers and suppliers to comply with strict industry standards and increase customer satisfaction.

Already realized
Special load carrier projects

Discover some of the special load carrier projects realized by Schneider for engines, axle and transmission parts as well as electric drives

Special load carriers, customized solutions

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