Special load carriers for assembly

With our special load carriers for assembly and production, you can transport your high-quality products cleanly and safely.

Production racks as
special load carriers

Special load carriers play a crucial role in logistics, as they are not only used for transportation and storage, but are also directly integrated into production processes. These custom-made load carriers are designed so that they can be seamlessly integrated into the production process as production racks.

By transferring components from the special load carriers for transport and storage to specially developed production racks, processes can be made much more efficient. This minimizes handling times and optimizes the material flow, which ultimately leads to an acceleration of production cycles and a reduction in downtimes. The use of these multifunctional load carriers enables a significant increase in overall production efficiency.

Special load carriers
as subracks

Assemblies optimize production processes, as several components are already combined in one assembly. To prevent damage during storage, transportation and final processing, they must be well protected.

A special load carrier for assemblies is precisely adapted to the needs of the respective assembly and thus protects it during any handling process. SLTs can also often be seamlessly integrated into existing production processes, enabling efficient and safe production.

Already realized
Special load carrier projects

Discover some of the special load carrier projects realized by Schneider for steering systems, shaft reinforcements, seat frames, air conditioning units, front aprons, brake lines and many other important components for assembly

Special load carriers, customized solutions

In addition to special load carriers for assembly, we are also active in the energy storage, body-in-white and powertrain sectors. Discover more SLT solutions from Schneider.