We repair your mesh boxes

EPAL licensed repair facility

As an EPAL licensed company, we repair your mesh boxes in top quality for a trouble-free further use.

Convenient repair-exchange

We pick up your repairable mesh boxes and deliver replacements directly to you upon pick-up.

Preserve your liquidity

The repair saves you money – compared to the purchase of new box pallets.

Request your mesh box repair now!

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Each repair is individual. Please upload pictures or drawings and describe the damages as detailed as possible.
How many containers are damaged and need a repair?
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Which damages can be repaired, which not?

With a few exceptions, we can repair most of the damage to your mesh boxes. To give you a feel for what is repairable and what is not, we have put together a picture gallery:

Damaged, torn feet

Damaged, deformed and torn feet are replaced.

Floor boards broken/missing

Broken and missing floor boards are replaced.

Damaged side rails

Bent bars are welded on. In case of missing bars, an intact side rail is installed.


Damaged stamped board

Damaged stamped board is straightened or renewed depending on the damage.

Deformed flap

In the case of mesh boxes with deformed flap, the flap is straightened or replaced.

If your mesh boxes show a large number of damages as well as strong deformations at corners, bottom and top frames, which mean an irreversible interference with the container statics, they cannot be repaired according to EPAL guidelines.

Why a repair makes sense

Despite intensive use, mesh boxes have a long life expectancy. And at the same time, they are not indestructible. This is where sustainability and environmental awareness come into play for us: It doesn’t have to be a new mesh box. We give your EPAL mesh boxes a new, qualitative and long-lasting life with our professional repair services, from an expertise of over 1 million repaired mesh boxes.

Repair or Repair-exchange - Which repair method makes sense for your mesh boxes

Damaged mesh boxes can be repaired in many cases. If several mesh boxes break down because they are damaged, this often results in deficits for the efficient and space-saving storage of your products. Our repair-exchange prevents these outages. We pick up your repairable mesh boxes and deliver direct replacements at the same time. This way, you ensure smooth logistics and support the seamless operation of your business.

Schneider mesh box repair FAQ - Answers to the most frequently asked questions about mesh box repair

The cost of repair depends entirely on the damage and defects of the box pallet(s) to be repaired.

The most favorable cost-benefit ratio is achieved with a full truckload, which corresponds to 108 to 114 mesh boxes. However, there are no minimum quantities.

Your repairable mesh boxes will be picked up at your location. During this pick-up, we deliver repaired mesh boxes that are ready for immediate use.