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What is a special load carrier?

A special load carrier is a custom-built load carrier designed to store and transport goods with unique dimensions and requirements. These carriers are integrated seamlessly into an operation’s processes, which make them an ideal solution for manufacturers. Their tailored specifications are what distinguish them from mesh boxes and other standard load carriers.

Optimizing your logistics with special load carriers

Customized solutions come into play when conventional load carriers for storage, delivery or internal logistics have reached their limits. Customers from a wide variety of industries make use of our special load carriers to ensure reliable support along the entire production and delivery chain. Our goal is to make sure your fragile, complex goods are kept safe from damages that can occur during transport and handling, while at the same time helping you to streamline your material handling and production processes.

Special load carriers provide the following benefits

Made to measure

No matter the dimensions of your goods, we can build a precision-fit container to match.

Avoiding workplace accidents

Precision-fit load carriers can help prevent workplace accidents that result from handling complex and bulky parts.

Seamless process integration

Your processes are analyzed and taken into consideration during the load carrier design phase to ensure a seamless integration upon completion.

Reducing freight costs

Thanks to optimized packing density with less empty space, you benefit from reduced freight costs.

Safe transport

Special load carriers protect your products from damages during transport.

Less packaging waste

A special load carrier reduces the need for stretch wrap and other packaging materials by providing built-in tailored protection for your goods.

Your path to a custom-built special load carrier

As we discuss a solution tailored to your unique logistics challenges, we’ll guide you through an honest consultation process:

01. Inquiry/consultation

02. Proposal

03. Design

04. Implementation

05. Project conclusion

Make an inquiry about your special load carrier project

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