Schneider Logistics
Your systems partner for transport & storage containers

For more than 60 years, Schneider Logistics is your partner for Euro-mesh boxes, special load carriers and universal load carriers directly from the manufacturer.

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Here’s why Schneider Logistics is your partner for
Euro mesh boxes, special load carriers and universal load carriers

Customer satisfaction

We do our best to make sure your logistics run safely and securely and that your production processes are as efficient as possible.

Speedy delivery

It’s all possible thanks to our fully-stocked central warehouse, which allows us to handle even large orders with speed.


To preserve resources for today and tomorrow, we offer repair services, rental options and product refurbishment.

Euro-mesh box,
thinking outside the box with an industry standard

Our Euro mesh boxes boast above-average durability, making them the reliable choice for safe and efficient implementation in the warehouse and throughout the logistics chain.

Special load carriers,
custom-built solutions.

We create cost-efficient, custom-built steel solutions that can be outfitted with an array of add-on components made of plastics and/or other materials – all to keep your transport goods as safe and secure as possible.

Universal load carriers,
top-of-the-line products

From sheet metal containers to pallets and frames: Universal load carriers are also universal talents. They come in a diverse range of sizes and surfaces that can be perfectly put to work for your individual production needs. Even with heavy goods, our universal load carriers reliably carry their weight and are characterized by their especially large capacity.