Mission Statement

As a second-generation owner-operated company, the following principles have guided our work ethos for over 50 years:


Customer satisfaction

Because your confidence in us is the cornerstone of our existence and continued success, you, the customer, are at the center of everything we do. Our relationship to our customers sets the standard for our quality commitment, technology and service.

We search for new concepts and pioneering technologies to meet your needs without neglecting tried-and-true solutions and methods.

Our specially equipped order center ensures fast and precise order processing and maximum flexibility in the event of product changes.

High Quality

Quality management is a top priority for us, because we strive to always provide exceptional products and services that exceed your expectations.

We demand the same from our business partners.

We ensure consistently high acquisition quality by selecting and continually assessing capable suppliers.

Satisfied employees

Maintaining our high level of service quality is only possible with motivated employees who are eager to work hard, view themselves as important stakeholders within the business and whose skills are constantly being expanded upon and developed. This is why we encourage and support our employees to complete their work responsibly, economically and independently.

At Schneider, we believe that communication and information are essential components of fostering a trusting and collaborative work environment.

Over 50 years of Schneider Transport- und Lagerbehälter

Our company was founded in 1963 by Horst and Maria Schneider in the German town of Breidenbach-Oberdieten as a metalworking operation that quickly developed into an important partner for numerous industrial sectors.

The production site specializes in the development and production of special load carriers, especially automated special load carriers


Production site opens in Złotoryja, Poland - Schneider Pojemniki Transportowe Sp. z o.o. Sp.K.


50th anniversary

The automation of production increases competitiveness and safeguards market shares.


Automation of mesh box production in accordance with UIC 435-3


Expansion of the production and property area to 10,000 m² of production halls and a total of up to 50,000 m² of external area

The purchase of additional property lays the groundwork for further company expansion.


Opening of a new sales office in France


Kai-Uwe Schneider takes over the company management

33 years after the company was founded, Kai-Uwe Schneider takes over management.


Launch of the production of special load carriers


Launch of the production of mesh boxes in accordance with DIN 15155


The company begins assembling and processing grave crosses and grave lanterns.

Foundation of the Horst Schneider Company