Sell your mesh boxes: Uncomplicated purchase guaranteed

Fair & transparent prices

Current purchase prices of your mesh boxes depending on their condition.

Purchase of small quantities

Offer us what you want to sell and you will receive an attractive purchase offer within a few days.

Damaged mesh boxes? No problem!

We also buy damaged and repairable mesh boxes. Through our internal repair facility, the mesh boxes are sustainably returned to the cycle.

Get the purchase price for your mesh boxes

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Wie läuft der Ankauf von Gitterboxen bei Schneider Logistics ab?

Step 1 – Make a request

Fill out the form. Upload photos of your EPAL mesh boxes and send the form along with your contact details to us.

Step 2 – Receive & accept offer

We check the photos of your mesh boxes and evaluate them according to fair, fixed criteria. If the mesh boxes are in good condition or repairable, you will receive an offer from us.

Step 3 – Prepare mesh boxes for pick-up

Upon acceptance of the offer, we will arrange for pickup. And while you enjoy more space, we additionally enjoy our contribution to sustainability and recycling together with you.

Our mesh box purchase FAQ - answers to the most frequently asked questions about the sale of your mesh boxes

We buy mesh boxes at market prices, and after evaluating your pictures, we first give indicative prices. The actual quality of the box pallets is determined in our location. I.e. we only determine whether your mesh boxes are used, damaged and repairable or irreparable when they arrive.

There are two important parts for the sales process: The business part is handled within 24 hours and the logistic part within 72 hours. So in total we need 96 hours to process your request.

Schneider buys your as-new, used and damaged (but repairable) Euro-Pool mesh boxes. Depending on the design and quality, we also buy half mesh boxes as well as sheet steel containers and foldable mesh boxes.